Lease Car Return

If you lease your car, inevitably the day arrives when you must hand back the keys and return the car to the leasing company. This can be a worrying time.

The car lease company will not be expecting a brand new car to be returned to them – a little wear and tear is normal. However, if you have damaged the car beyond wear and tear, it is likely that you will incur damage charges.

If you have caused any damage from accidents, especially dents, scratches and windscreen chips, you should get these repaired before returning the vehicle to the car lease company. Getting repairs done yourself will no doubt be cheaper than paying the damage fees decided by the car lease company.

Thats where we come in.  We can inspect your car and sort out all necessary repairs before the car goes back. You will be in control and avoid an unexpected bill.

Call us on 01453 882844 for advice or to book an inspection appointment.

autoshop-arc in stroud pre check for returning your lease car