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Stop! Read this BEFORE calling your insurance company

Insurance information every car driver should know.
Fact: insurance companies try to steer the vehicle owner in the direction of their own repair company and are becoming far more aggressive about it. They claim it’s to stop back-street garages performing poor quality repairs and to keep premiums low. The reality may be a little more shocking: following a non-fault accident your insurance company AND the other party’s insurance company will all be clambering to do the repair and provide a hire car for you!

Ask yourself why this might be, could it possibly be because they are making money from your claim and charging huge fees for storage, repairs and car hire, on top of the actual repair cost?
Now ask yourself if a practice like this would put premiums up?

Fact: following an accident it’s your legal right to have your car repaired at any repair centre of your choice – provided it is capable of doing the work of course. As an authorised Aston Martin repair centre you can be sure the quality of our work is second to none, yet we still hear these stories. The reality is that nominated repair shops are contracted to the insurance company which in some cases could result in the insurance company’s needs being placed ahead of yours!
Their objective is to repair the vehicle as cost effectively as possible to maximise profit or keep costs to a minimum, sure it’s got to be professionally finished and safe, but just how professionally it’s done is quite another matter. They are answerably to the company paying the bill not you the client.

Insurance companies have been known to put obstacles in the way of your free choice to coerce you down their preferred route. Please rest assured there is NO condition Autoshop cannot match, from the supply of courtesy vehicles, repair warranties, help with submitting estimates to your insurance company, arranging engineers inspections etc.

Very often you will be informed there could be delays in repair authorisation if you go elsewhere, or your courtesy might not be available if you use another repairer. Rest assured any repair shop worth its salt will know its way around claim departments and has its own courtesy vehicles available. These are just rouses to put you off.

In extreme cases insurance companies may even threaten to increase the excess you have to pay for a claim that’s your fault. Again we can usually find a way of accommodating this problem for you.

Don’t settle for average work to your vehicle or be bullied by your insurance company. Call Autoshop first and we’ll help you with every step of the process. Whether the crash was your fault or not insist on high quality workmanship and choose Autoshop, remember we work for you, not your insurance company. For a Free estimate call 01453 88 28 44 now.

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